Staff Event Contacts

Park Day Contacts:

Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime with questions or concerns. 

Barbara McLaughlin (843) 971-4401
Park Day Manager

-Overall Event Coordination
-Sponsorship Sales & Acquisition Coordinator
-Stage & Ground Level Entertainment
-Beneficiary/Non Profit Coordination
-Site Planning/Logistics

Danielle (Dani) Hermann (843) 971-4405
Park Day Pets & Animal Related Activities Coordinator

-Acquisition and coordination of pets and animal themed activities 
-Acquistion of rescue, adoption & relief organizations
-Site Planning/Logistics

Lisa Avant (843) 971-9200  or (843)513-7743  
Park Day Food & Beverage Coordinator

-Acquisition/Scheduling all food truck and other food and beverage field vendors
-Park Day Merchandise sales/coordination
-Clubs, Groups, Organizations of Daniel Island acquisition/coordination
- Site Planning/Logistics

Kay Fabrizio (843-971-3556) & Sara Cuthbert (843) 971-4404
Park Day Accounting & Financials Coordinators

- Accounting & Financials coordination

Note - There is no severe weather/reschedule date for this event.